Bulky binders and complicated messages do not have to be part of your 2019 strategic planning process. Apply this simple process to the organization or a department.


Step #1

Are the organizations Vision/Mission/Values clearly written and aligned?

Has the team looked at the previous year’s results and evaluated the organizational culture? How did the organization succeed in living the values? Rank them in importance and then give yourself, your department or your organization a grade.


Step #2

Take a look in the mirror – How did the organization do in 2018?

What were your goals and objectives for 2018? How did the team do? What grade would be given for each initiative? Take a deep dive into how they were accomplished. Why were some not completed? What should be carried over to next year? What should be taken off the list? Can the initiatives be looked at differently making way for more creativity or innovation?


Step #3

Create a SWOT Analysis and a Start – Stop – Continue List.

What are the internal strengths and weaknesses? How can leadership leverage external opportunities? What external threats are there to the business that could derail 2019 plans? Now list all the things that should be started in 2019. Next, list the things currently implemented that should be stopped. Lastly, list the initiatives, tasks and behaviors that should remain in 2019. Go with what is working and jettison what is not.


Step #4

Project the FUTURE based on the NOW.

Use the information gathered and analyzed in steps 1-3 to create a list of no more than 3-5 key goals for 2019. Remember to use the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound) goal approach. 


Step #5

Determine the best strategy and tactics to increase performance.

The last step brings your plan to life. Create the strategies and tactics that your department or the organization need to complete in making the plan happen. We like the KISS (Keep It Simple Strategy) method of strategic planning. Keep the plan simple and no more than one or two pages. Because we live in a fast-paced and information overload age, the days of strategic plans in bulky binders are gone.

That is Strategic planning made easy! Anyone can do it and attain extraordinary results in 2019. We are walking the talk and crafting a Strategic Plan for People and Performance Strategies. Start working on yours today!

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