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Some of the most concerning problems you face are shared among many organizations. We update our resource library regularly to bring you specific support you’re needing.  Here you can find tools and information that can spark ideas and solutions to your immediate issues. 

From relevant blog posts to recorded webinars, current research, and downloadable ebooks, feel free to make this page and its contents available to anyone in your organization.   



It’s not too late to become intentional about organizational culture. An often overlooked competitive advantage, the right culture drives companies forward. 

Fight Attrition on Three Fronts to Win the Talent War
Want Higher Productivity? Try a Success Driven Culture
Diverse Teams Produce More Revenue
Foster Innovation or Die



A new actionable eBook, “The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture”

image DiSC-Culture-Ebook

The power of teams

A “meaty” class on proven methods for achieving higher caliber outcomes in your business and project teams. It all comes down to how we embrace or run from conflict. 

What can we as individuals do to build a work environment that not only lets us get more done, but gives us genuine satisfaction? Patrick Lencioni’s paradigm provides a good start.  We discuss in depth the five critical behaviors of a cohesive team, and what bringing them to life within your organization would look like. 

productive conflict

Productive Conflict is a 30-minute leadership development webinar where you’ll learn why conflict doesn’t have to suck and how to make it work for you! We discuss proven methods for transforming conflict from destructive to a productive way to achieve higher caliber outcomes in your business and project teams.

Honestly, you can apply these skills to your personal relationships as much as your professional ones. Watch and share!

The Productive Conflict Log is available for your use and sharing as well.

new leader Assimilation

New leaders face unique challenges, whether they’re being promoted or you’re bringing them in from another company. Our  webinar, New Leader Assimilation: Get a Running Start to Success, teaches a process for introducing new leaders that accelerates their success and builds team alignment from the start. (So you can skip the drama and get right to ROI.)

Done Right, Leader Assimilation can:
– Quickly build trust & loyalty.
– Clarify expectations & goals.
– Lay a foundation for open communication & problem-solving.
– Shorten ramp-up time


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