What is your HR Strategy? Time sure flies by quickly when you are racing to beat the clock with fewer resources. Human Resource Executives have had a difficult ride in the past few years, but many CEOs are singing their praises for huge contributions in last year. On the other hand, there are still a few that just don’t seem to get what I consider HR common sense.


  • Aligning measurable objectives to the Company objectives – Each person in the Company should understand how they contribute to the success of the organization. Align all jobs with specific, measurable results and tie them to the goals of the organization. HR wants a seat at the table and here is one way they can contribute.
  • Ensuring employees are not just satisfied, but also truly engaged – All Companies should be measuring this and implementing strategies and tactics to increase the retention of top performers. There are easy to use tools out there and this doesn’t have to be a huge expense either.
  • Teaching leaders how to lead effectively – Developing leaders takes time – we often don’t have that time. So, what do you do? MAKE the time and it doesn’t always cost a lot. It is great to send someone for an Executive MBA, but there are other resources that are very effective in developing leadership traits that can even be FREE! First, identify their strengths and weaknesses (360 or other assessment), then create a plan and follow through.

Human Resource Management is complex and has many moving parts and doing more with less isn’t going away, but if you focus on results and developing a team of effective, productive employees you will increase your chances of winning the race.

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