This was so fantastic we had to share it with the rest of the DiSC evangelists out there. Moneytree’s leadership took a Santa-celebrating approach when announcing the company’s upcoming DiSC activities to their team and simply knocked it out of the park! If you’ve ever wondered how the North Pole manages to crank out such high levels of efficiency and teamwork, here’s your chance to learn how. Moneytree, in our book, you take first prize for Best Presentation. Kudos to you!!

“You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen;
Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen…
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all?”

Those are important questions, but once you’ve figured out who’s on the Team, what are the very next questions you should ask? 

What motivates each of them as individuals and how should I communicate with them to bring out their best! 

Nowadays, it’s tough being a reindeer, especially when you have such an important and challenging job. Let’s start with the fact that reindeer don’t normally fly. Then there’s the enormity of the load – some estimate it’s around 295,000 tons of toys! Then there’s that whole trans-global navigation thing, all with no GPS or Google Maps! And of course, there’s the looming possibility of disappointing every child on the face of the earth! No pressure, right?   

Fortunately, Santa is a great leader who knows he needs to get the best out of his diverse and talented team of reindeer if he’s going to get the job done! Oh sure, he’s all about the milk and cookies and “ho, ho, ho” on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a leader who understands the value of knowing what makes his famous team tick!

Well, if it works for the big guy, it should work just fine for Moneytree. That’s why, back in June we gave you some fun facts on new DiSC training that will help Moneytree leaders, Managers and Team Members better understand all of our behavioral and communication styles; and tips on motivating, avoiding conflict and fostering better communication. 

So, here’s an update on the DiSC training:

The Everything DiSC Management Profile and workshop offers participants insight into their strengths and challenges as managers, and how to adapt their style to meet the needs of the people they manage—making them more effective managers. Participants will:

  • Discover their DiSC management style
  • Explore strategies for effectively directing and delegating
  • Learn to create motivating environments
  • Deepen their ability to develop others based on each individual’s potential
  • Improve their working relationship with their own manager

Participants will walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the styles of their direct reports, enabling them to bring out the best in their people.

Interestingly enough, the whole North Pole Team recently took a refresher DiSC style assessment and we were privy to the results. Here are a few of the take-aways that they use about their own DiSC styles and those of their Team to make sure that Christmas around the world is always merry and bright! 

DiSC profile
D – Dominant

  • Comfortable with responsibility
  • Motivates others through competition
  • Works with a sense of purpose and urgency

More fun facts!

  • Also known as St. Nicholas
  • Born in 270 AD – that’s a long time ago
  • Eats approximately 1.5 billion cookies every Christmas Eve… shhh don’t tell Mrs. Claus

DiSC profile
S – Steady

  • Listens patiently
  • Considerate of others
  • Asks for feedback
  • Is attentive

More fun facts!

  • Treats all of the Elves and Reindeer like they’re her children
  • Manages Santa’s diet (she thinks, anyway)
  • Came from a magical place
  • First name is Martha

DiSC profile
C – Conscientious

  • Thinks things through
  • Is deliberate and methodical
  • Is a detailed planner
  • Gathers information before making a decision

More fun facts!

  • Leaves his Christmas lights up all year long. Not because he’s overly festive, it’s just more efficient.
  • Loves cookies and candy – but Mrs. Claus makes him eat fruit
  • “Nick” name is “Jingle”
  • Wears a hardhat that says “Kiss an Elf” at the workshop

DiSC profile
I – Influencer

  • Enjoys interacting with others (especially loves playing Monopoly)
  • Is the life of the party
  • Is inspirationally futuristic
  • Trusts his intuition and nose to get him through

More fun facts!

  • Gene Autry recorded a famous song about him.
  • His nose is powered by Elfin dust
  • Guilty pleasure: Haggen Dasz Chunky Monkey

DiSC profile
Di  (Dominant leaning toward Influencer)

  • Resourceful, strong-willed, self-reliant
  • Creative and charismatic
  • Is vocal about his opinions
  • Is focused on results
  • His sarcasm can be misunderstood by more literal reindeer

More fun facts!

  • Loves to sing Christmas tunes, particularly in elevators
  • Prefers dark chocolate, but really any chocolate will do in a pinch
  • Ice skating is his thing
  • Did someone say “Kugel?”

DiSC profile
Cd (Conscientious leaning toward Dominant)

  • Straightforward
  • Objective and analytical
  • Takes responsibility
  • Has trouble delegating (especially when it comes to properly hitching up the team)

More fun facts!

  • Has a lovely tenor voice
  • Is extremely good at finding the mistletoe
  • Loves “Candy Crush” 
  • Favorite movie: “Miracle on 34th Street”

DiSC profile
Sc (Steady leaning toward Conscientious)

  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Takes direction from trusted leaders
  • Humble
  • Accommodating
  • Has trouble bringing issues up for discussion soon enough (there was the whole “fudge-face” thing if you’ll recall)

More fun facts!

  • Maintains Santa’s Facebook page
  • No coffee for Comet – hot chocolate please!
  • Uses peppermint as a condiment
  • Loves shaking snow globes

DiSC profile
Is (Influencer leaning toward Steady)

  • Offers a lot of verbal encouragement
  • High priority on personal relationships
  • Optimistic
  • Positive, warm, friendly
  • Has so much fun, he forgets there’s work to do

More fun facts!

  • Bells, bells, bells – the more the merrier! 
  • Snappy dresser
  • Always on the lookout for new “reindeer games”
  • You should see his stocking collection!

DiSC profile
Dc (Dominant leaning toward Conscientious)

  • Highly focused on results
  • Realistic
  • Efficient
  • Communicates directly
  • Can be a little overly aggressive and decisive… which scares Comet

More fun facts!

  • Amateur climatologist
  • Responsible for mapping Santa’s route
  • Creator of a famous sugar cookie recipe
  • Sleeps with a teddy bear

DiSC profile
Cs (Conscientious leaning toward Steady)

  • Quite private and independent
  • Separates emotions from decision-making
  • Serious and exacting
  • Can sniff out a phony a mile away
  • Can overcomplicate solutions

More fun facts!

  • Maintains the list of good boys and girls
  • Has a monster sweet tooth
  • Has architectural drawings for Santa’s ginger bread house

DiSC profile
Si (Steady leaning toward Influencer

  • Expresses caring and understanding
  • Helps and supports others
  • Adaptable
  • Avoids conflict
  • Minimizing negative feedback, leaving others unclear about the problem

More fun facts!

  • Loves hanging out with the Elves
  • Loves sharing love
  • Loves The Price is Right
  • Loves “yule” and me

DiSC profile
Id (Influencer leaning toward Dominant)

  • Intuitive, positive and enthusiastic
  • Quickly spots new opportunities
  • Quite verbal
  • Brings a sense of adventure
  • Has trouble defining a structure for reindeer who need more oversight

More fun facts!

  • Helped Santa invent many of his most popular toys
  • Loves a party!
  • Sees nothing wrong with wearing a lamp shade on his head

Early in 2019, our own brand of Santa’s helpers (the CEO Circle) vetted DiSC training and here are just a few things that they had to say:

“It’s surprising how applicable this is to not only work but life. As someone who is always trying to learn and grow, I found this to be very useful.”

“I like to deal in facts and just “tell it like it is” but I learned that style doesn’t work for every Team Member. Now that I can identify their style of communication I can tailor my style to each of theirs.”

“It has made me stop and think about ways I can more effectively communicate with some Team Members and why they communicate the way they do as well. It also makes me appreciate our differences even more. I really like how the DiSC report and workshop offered ways to motivate, develop, communicate and deal with conflict with each style individually.”

“I’m much more conscious about what may be a trigger or stressor for the different Team Members and use what I read about myself and other styles to help guide them.”

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