On July 25th we held a live webinar called the “Power of Teams” which was open to anyone interested in learning how to get more out of their team engagements in work, and even in life. Our participants included people in very large and established companies, small start-ups, and in-between. We even had friends and relatives joining in because they all know about the nature of our work in human behavior and performance and they know that when we put on a webinar training, it’s not a “fluff” piece. 

In fact, that’s what I led with when I started promotion efforts in early July for the Power of Teams class. I told people it was going to be a meaty session with no “fluff”. Everyone hates attending webinars that promise great take-aways and leave you wondering how else you could have better spent that hour of your life that you can never get back. So, right away I told people that we DON’T do that. 

During the Power of Teams Webinar, there were good questions asked and high engagement from attendees, which really helps people remember and act on the solutions covered. But in order for attendee engagement to happen, we had to bring you the valuable skills and insights we promised. I’m happy to report the feedback from attendees after the Power of Teams class has been super positive. 

If you missed the Power of Teams Webinar, watch it here.

People have been using the team-building exercise we provided, and learning to reframe their thoughts around “conflict” in the workplace. Some individuals have reported more progress on projects that were lagging. A couple of attendees have shared how a peer to peer working relationship has improved. This feedback makes our hearts sing! And we can’t wait to do this again. 

We have been getting questions from people who missed this live Power of Teams training, and saw the video version, on how to learn about upcoming webinar trainings. The simplest thing you can do is sign up for our Newsletter which we send out monthly. (Weekly seems to be total overkill in our industry.)

When you get the People & Performance Strategies Newsletter you’ll see the upcoming dates for our career performance training and leadership development webinars. You can see what they’re about and register for the ones you want to attend. Additionally,  you’ll see a list of recent blog topics, all of which cover aspects of workforce development and people management. Of course, if you ever have a question and want to talk to us directly, we’re happy to discuss your own concerns candidly. 

Our firm has hundreds of years of combined experience, and we’ve seen a lot. We can make some suggestions and provide a soundboard for you if you’re struggling in key HR or personnel areas.

An HR consulting firm might not be your first thought when you think in terms of your competitive advantage, but that’s exactly how some companies have come to refer to People & Performance Strategies. When an organization hires and promotes skillfully, retains employees, develops leaders, and nurtures an innovative culture, the sky is the limit. 

We’ve assisted in all these ways, heavy lifting at times, and providing a little extra support as needed so that companies like yours can go toe to toe in the marketplace putting your very best foot forward. (Sorry for all the “foot” analogies.)

If you would like to attend our future webinars, get our newsletter, talk to us privately, or meet us at an event, please reach out! Welcome to the People & Performance Strategies network of resources!

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